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Rot at Akwa Ibom Airport

Rot at Akwa Ibom Airport

There is no end in sight to the destructive greed of the Akpabio brothers and the maximum injury they are causing to the economy of the young State. As far back as 2008 when the Ime Ekanem led local committee was dissolved, the 2nd phase of the Airport project ought to have commenced in due course. Rather than pursuing the 2nd phase to its logical conclusion, the Airport project has been bedeviled by intrigues, upfront fraud and scandals.

The circumstances of its conception and expenses involved were the objectives of the Akwa Ibom Airport Commission of Inquiry which submitted its report to the Government sometime in 2009. As at today the White Paper is yet to be made public in spite of clamour for it by stake holders. The Report would certainly have highlighted some of the flaws and avenues of waste and generally streamlined the operations of the Airport. But No. The Government of Godswill, which constituted the Committee would have none of that. The reasons cannot be far fetched. Sunny Ibanga became the Omega of the local organisation. 

He was the clearing agent, using his companies as fronts for Akpabio and his clan. The companies are: Third Investment, Permsec, Safe Ride, etc. Third Investment cleared all the imports meant for the Airport. Permsec and Safe Ride handled all the local issues. Now the Timeline for the completion of the 2nd phase is over by so many years and no end in sight, at least not before the end of this corrupt, visionless and inept administration. Alcon, the company charged with the turnkey development of the Airport following the departure of Dyncorp, the original Airport developer, cannot move forward. But why?

 The reason is simple. All payments for the Airport project must follow the due process established by Ibanga and Emem Akpabio, the Godfather. His commission is usually the first to be deducted and the paltry balance given to ALCON; regardless whether the so-called balance is sufficient to do the job or not! The latest default in moving forward with the project is clearly as a result of insufficiency of funds following payments to Ibanga Akpabio and Emem Akpabio. They claim to be entitled to Finders fees until the project is over thereby jeopardizing an otherwise wonderful idea commenced by Obong Victor Attah.

It would be recalled that Governor Akpabio had on a number of occasions at public fora condemned the attitude of his predecessor in recognizing payments under the sub head of Finders fees. It was also a sore point at the Commission of Inquiry televised live in Akwa Ibom in 2008/2009 by the AKBC. Soon after the contract with Dyncorp of the US was terminated, however, Akpabio appointed Sunny Ibanga, his kinsman to take over from where Ime Ekanem left and to act as a front for all contract awards in respect of the Airport. 

The MRO, for which the Governor had boasted would provide the platform for Akwa Ibom Airport to be a maintenance hub for the Gulf of Guinea remains a mirage. After all the money for that purpose had been diverted to private use, nobody talks about private hub and MRO anymore. rather than take the maintenance project to its logical conclusion, the Governor continues to promote white elephant ideas.

 His latest fad is floating of Akpabio Airlines curreently masquerading as Ibom Airline! The man has simply refused to listen to professional advise from Akwa Ibomites who have experience on the subject. Our own Capt. Augustine Okon of ADC Airlines and Fresh Airlines is alive and well and would be happy to tell Akpabio that the federal Government had tried and failed in the running of an Airline and that the haphazard manner Akpabio is going about it can only lead to colossal waste of resources. In one breath, Akpabio says Government would not be involved in business. And this is echoed by his loverboy, Udom Emmanuel. In another breath, he wants to run an Airline! The future would tell.

n/b: our investigative team is in Caribbean to find out money laundering by Gov. Akpabio.

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