Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Negativity of Child Marriage

Negativity of Child Marriage
When I heard that the Nigerian senate passed a bill for the legislation of the child marriage, I was in a perplexed state of the world.

I began to wonder if the individual who passed the bill was delirious or brainsick, because according to the Wikipedia “child marriage” is the betroth or marriage of an individual under the marriageable age or before puberty in which such arraignments affect mostly the girl child
I began to wonder what the society would be like with legalized child marriage, whereby kids will go to school and instead of the usual academic questions like “have you read for your test” it would be; ”how is your husband? “How are your children? Then the wary one “are you pregnant for him yet? It would be a society of “kids raising kids”
I seriously don’t see the advantages of the child marriage, people are trying to solidify the very same thing we are against, what would happens to agencies like NAPTIP, UNICEF e.t.c or isn’t child marriage a partner of abuse ? we are fighting against child trafficking and child abuse, and instead of giving an everlasting solution to insecurity, corruption and social vices  in our country, the best the Nigerian senate can convene is and come up with is the legislation of child marriage, how does that sound ?
Innocent children are the leaders of tomorrow ,the future of our great country Nigeria and this are the same children we want to tuck in our homes as housewives and petty traders with lack of quality education .in the past there were trials of child marriages, girls forced into marriage with someone they don’t love, girls betrothed  a birth to someone old enough to be their grand fathers, girls used as inheritance instead of human beings given away in marriage as  settlement of debt. 
What is the outcome then? some prefer to commit suicide or run away  from home or elope with the one they love ,STDS, get rampant ,broken marriages more prostitutes ,more beggars, more armed robbers, illiteracy, unhappy homes, unhappy future all because of some selfish interest of Nigerian senators.
Parents is that what you want? Tears of your children in exchange of money all in the name of bride price No No No …. As far as the Country is concerned legalizing child marriage is rape murder and child abuse.
Friends we have to sit and think it over and not allow the ineffective and serviceable lawmakers lead us astray, don’t say it is not you business or you are not involved , it is everyone’s business.
Take action make a stand for the future, your children, your hope, your dreams .

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