Monday, 8 July 2013


AKS SSG- Umana Okon Umana

Let me declare from the outset that a desperate person is always a dangerous and can be driven blind and mad by his or evil and inordinate ambition and he or she can do anything,no matter how ...wicked or evil,to pursue and actualize such ambition.

In Akwa Ibom State,there is a grand conspiracy by some people eho have constituted themselves into a cartel to rob or deny the people of Eket senatorial district of their turn to produce the next governor of the state in line with the time-honored zoning and policy of the ruling PDP,as clearly enshrined in its constitution as amended.

To the members of the cartel,the constitution of the party or any other rules,understanding,accord or agreement does not matter or bind bind them and their aspirations or interests cannot be subjected to the provisions of the constitution of the party.

The fact that the evil ambitions of members of this cartel is founded upon the foundation of greed and deception cannot be over-emphasized.They have spent so much time,money to sponsor and propagate half-truths and absolute falsehoods to advance their ambitions and interests and in their desperation,they have been committing blunders.

They first denied the existence of the zoning and rotation clause in the amended constitution of the ruling party and when they were confronted with the provisions of Article7.2.c.of the constitution of the party,they resorted to the untenable argument that it infringes on the fundamental human rights of members and that is subject to the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria as if the founding fathers of the party and the framers of its constitution were not aware of the existence of the said federal constitution and obviously,they are ignorant of the fact that the Supreme Court has consistently upheld the supremacy of the PDP constitution and its bindingness on all members and organs of the party.In Adebayo & others vs PDP[2013]LPELR-20342[SC],it re-affirms the position of the law on the illegality of the party primaries conducted contrary to the party constitution,including zoning.In Emenike vs PDP[2012]ALL FWLR[Pt.640]1261,the court regards any purported primary conducted by a state executive committee of a political party contrary to the party constitution and party guidelines as an illegal primary and therefore not null and void.So the fact that zoning and rotation of party and public elective offices is constitutional as far as the PDP is concerned and that the apex court,the Supreme Court,has consistently upheld it,cannot be controverted or over-emphasised.

The next campaign of mischief and deception of the cartel was that no executive committee or forum of the party has ever met and resolved to zone the governorship ticket of the party to any particular section of the state.They sponsored some former state officers and other chieftains of the party to deny the existence of accord within the party and when a documentary evidence of the resolutions of the meeting of the state executive committee of the party under the chairmanship of Prince Uwem Ita Etuk,retaining the 2011 governorship ticket in Ikot Ekpene senatorial district and zoning the 2015 ticket to Eket senatorial district was brought to the public domain,they resorted to attacking the person of Prince Uwem Ita Etuk for daring to confirm that the party,under his leadership,had zoned the 2015 governorship ticket of the party to Eket senatorial district at its expanded state exco meeting of September 15th 2009.So the fact that a properly constituted and mandated state exco of the party had zoned the ticket to the people of Eket senatorial district is indisputable and confirmed.

There is another orchestrated campaign by members of the cartel and their agents that zoning breeds mediocrity and incompetence in public offices.Regrettably,most of them are elected office holders and they contested,campaigned and got elected into their respective offices on the existing zoning arrangements in their respective constituencies and if as propagated by them,zoning breeds mediocrity in public offices,it therefore follows that all the elective political office holders are mediocres.But it does not follow because they are so many products of zoning who are performing execellently.

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