Monday, 1 July 2013


So much warped logic and untenable arguments have been advanced by some desperate politicians and their blind supporters to subvert,pervert and circumvent the principles of equity and justice and ultimately the turn of the people of Eket senatorial district to produce the next governor of the state come 2015.

Central to the argument of these desperate elements is that zoning or ceding the governorship of the state to any particular section of the state is not only undemocratic and unconstitutional,but it is also capable of throwing up misfits and mediocres in public offices.Ironically,they are products of the zoning system and are aspiring and scheming for one office or the other in 2015 on the same zoning principle they are paid and mobilized to condemn.What an irony.

Back to the theme of this piece,recently this writer engaged some friends who were trying to propagate the view that the office of the governor of the state should not and cannot be zoned or ceded to any particular section or zone of the state,irrespective of the zoning and rotation policy of the ruling party and that the contest should be open for everybody and the best and most capable hand from any part of the state should be elected for the plum job and I asked him,CAN AN UKANA IKOT NTUEN,ESSIEN,ANNANG PERSON BE NOMINATED AND ELECTED TO SUCCEED GOVERNOR AKPABIO in 2015? and they answered in the negative and I asked them their reasons and they said it will be impossible and indeed madness for anybody from that part of the state to conceive such ambition or dream on the grounds that the incumbent is from there and by 2015 they would be completing two terms of eight years in office and I asked them if Ikot Ekpene senatorial should be excluded from the 2015 governorship race because they have produced a governor,the incumbent,what about Uyo senatorial district that have produced three governors of the state since its creation some 25 years ago and there and then they saw their hypocrisy and the emptiness of their propaganda.The good news is that they were converted and they promised to convert their friends that were misled like themselves.

That leads me to the statement by the state governor,Chief Akpabio,in an interview with a team of journalists sometime last year.He had said''In 2006,the party leadership exclude Uyo senatorial district from the race because they had produced a governor for eight years and the race was open for only Eket and Ikot Ekpene senatorial district which had never produced any governor of the state at that time''.see Newslink Newspaper of 7th September,2012.

If,in the words of our governor,in 2006 Uyo senatorial district was excluded from the race because they had produced a governor for eight years and by 2015 Ikot senatorial district would also be producing a governor for eight years,it logically follows that the 2015 should and shall be open for Eket senatorial district to also produce a governor of the state for the first time since its creation.It is a simple fact.

Let me ask again,CAN AN UKANA IKOT NTUEN,ESSIEN UDIM,ANNANG PERSON BE NOMINATED AND ELECTED TO SUCCEED GOVERNOR AKPABIO?.Even the most vociferous anti-zoning advocate will answer this question in the negative but at the same time they will tell you the contest should be open,nobody or section should be excluded,there should be no zoning or power shift.What a bundle of contradictions.

From any angle you may want to look at it,2015 is the natural and divine time for the people of Eket senatorial district to produce a governor of this state and nothing,nobody and propaganda can stop them because there is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come.

All these shenanigans by these desperate men and their agents shall fall like a park of cards at appropriate because something cannot stand on nothing.

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