Friday, 7 June 2013


The Imo State House of Assembly under the proactive and visionary
leadership of Rt. Hon. (Dr.) Benjamin Chukwuemeka Uwajumogu
(ODOKOROMEE) will on the 7th of June 2013 clock two years. As should
be expected, the legislative responsibilities of the House to the
people of the State will be assessed. But as an insider who has

followed the genuine commitment and contributions of the Assembly
towards the overwhelming success of His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Okorocha’s leadership in the state, I deem it absolutely expedient to
open the minds of NDI –Imo in particular and Nigerians in general on
the achievements of the present Imo State House of Assembly under the
leadership of Rt. Hon. (Dr.) Benjamin Uwajumogu.

The achievement of any democratic government around the world revolves
or lies with the legislature. This is because the legislature is the
fulcrum through which democracy revolves. If you remove the
legislature, then democracy crumbles. Therefore, Democracy is
democracy because of the legislature.

Before I proceed further, let me explain also that the essence of
effective and efficient leadership in a democratic setting is to
provide selfless service to the people. This can only be possible if
the Executive arm of Government is working harmoniously with the
legislative arm. I therefore make bold to state that there is a
perfect synergy between the Imo State House of Assembly and the

If absolute separation of powers had taken place, the achievements of
the present government recorded within these two years would not have
been possible. It is therefore symbolic to state that exactly two
years after, Rt. Hon (Dr.) Benjamin Uwajumogu has lived up to
expectation by sincerely devoting his time, energy and vision towards
the upliftment of the Assembly. This is because his equally vibrant
and Honourable colleagues also devoted their time and energy towards
achieving the same goal by enacting people oriented bills (laws) and
motions through effective and efficient legislative responsibilities
which have truly put back confidence, trust and smiles on the faces of
Imo citizens.

During the period under renew, the Imo State House of Assembly
considered a total of 69 bills which were presented at the floor of
the House. It is important to mention here that out of these 69 bills,
36 of them have been passed. The number of bills adjourned sine die is
8, while 5 were stepped down. Furthermore, 3 bills have been
consolidated while 17 are pending. Similarly, out of the total number
of 103 motions considered, 87 have been passed while 4 were adjourned
sine die. Also 1 (one) motion was withdrawn while 7 is still pending.
While 2 motions have been overtaken by events another 2 have been
stood down.

At this point let me once again restate that the Imo State House of
Assembly is working harmoniously with the executive arm of government
in one spirit through synergistic understanding to ensure the already
provided dividends of democracy. All these have been possible because
there is an enabling environment where the vibrant lawmakers ventilate
their minds through robust legislative dialogue, debate and discussion
which has integrated, incorporated, inculcated and aggregated the
interest of their respective constituencies. This is the true
relevance of politics and should be applauded.   Equally, it is
instructive to note that currently the Imo State House of Assembly
complex is undergoing massive reconstruction and renovation. New
administrative and political offices have been put in place. New VIP
lounge have also been put in place. In no distant time the whole
Assembly complex will be wearing a new look.

Also, to ensure virile, responsible and responsive machinery that will
drive development at the state, local and community levels, the Imo
State House of Assembly within the period under review have screened
and confirmed the appointments of several government appointees
including the following (1) Commissioners (2) Special Advisers (3)
Sole Administrators etc.
In order to ensure integrated development in the spirit of the rescue
mission agenda, the Imo State House of Assembly granted approval to
His Excellency the State Governor, to declare emergency on road
rehabilitation, education, health, Housing, Security and other
critical areas seeking  urgent attention. The resultant effect today
is the on-going construction of 27 brand New General Hospitals across
the State, construction of several road networks across the state,
construction of several brand new schools across the state. As a
proven case; just visit the former Township primary school along
Wetheral Road Owerri. Today in Imo State, our people can confirm that
these various projects are going on simultaneously in the 3
geo-political zones of Owerri, Orlu and Okigwe.

Conversely, the Honourable members led by  the ebullient and vibrant
Speaker have performed their functions (namely, lawmaking,
Appropriation and oversight) most creditably to the admiration of
majority of Imo Citizens in particular and Nigerians in general.
It will be unethical for me to conclude without stating that on
several occasions, the Imo State House of Assembly have intervened in
communal crisis (clashes) in various communities in the state, Ezeship
struggle, land disputes and other people oriented interventions.
Surely, these interventions would not have been possible if Rt. Hon.
(Dr.) Benjamin Uwajumogu and his colleagues do not have the interest
of Imo people at heart.

It is therefore not surprising that is just two years, the activities
of the House have impacted positively in the lives of the people of
Imo State. On the relationship with members of the press, the
Uwajumogu led House of Assembly is proud to beat its chest to say that
“WE ARE PARTNERS IN PROGRESS”. The Nigerian Union of Journalists
(NUT), Publishers, Editor and Correspondents alike, can proudly and
confidently attest to this harmonious relationship between them and
the Assembly. No wonder the activities of Imo State house of Assembly
can be assessed on the internet,, facebook, Blogs, National
Newspapers, Regional Newspapers, Local Newspapers, Radio, television
and on the Streets of the state.

Indeed, we have done far more than the above analysis!!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

As the third stage of the 4 year legislative journey begins on the 7th
of June 2013, we pray that Almighty God will guide and lead Rt. Hon.
(Dr.) Benjamin Chukwuemeka Uwajumogu (ODOKOROMEE, OGBUHURUZO) and his
colleagues to take Imo State to the next legislative level.

I rest my pen.

Citizen (Dr) Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha FCAI
Senior Special Assistant on Media

To the Rt. Hon. Speaker
Imo State House of Assembly.

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