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Fare thee well Commissioner Eunice Thomas.Eunice Thomas.

AKS Education Commissioner- Eunice Thomas.
Eunice Thomas.

"Commissioner Eunice Thomas, Akwa Ibom State is grateful for your candidness, I am afraid it may cost you certain privileges from now henceforth, you may be a sure target for the Axe in any cabinet shakeup, but you have done your bid and posterity will vindicate you."  15/04/2013
About 2 months ago, when I published the above quoted excerpt in the mail attached below, I knew I was making a statement of fact, I however did not know how short the time will be for the prophesy to be fulfilled.
Today I am  told Eunice Thomas is no longer addressed as Honourable Commissioner. "Mma" is no longer "Mma".
I feel really sorry for her plight. She left despite all, not in a blaze of glory, but with her tail nicely tucked at her behind. But what did she do? what was her offence?  The answer is even less complicated than the question. She did the 'rat job'!
For several years, this pretty lady has been covering up the lies and the stench of this administration. She believed and wished the world to believe that this administration had the best interest of the Akwa Ibom child at heart. In her zeal, she trampled on the heads of many innocent and well meaning people. She aided in the persecution of the unarmed and without as much as a blink of an eye. She lied under oath just to promote an evil campaign against volunteer caregivers.
She felt very safe as they cheered her on. Then she was posted to the Ministry of Children's Affairs (Education) and not for the first time, she came face to face with rot, only this time she was caught unawares and the rot was of such ungodly dimension that she would definitely break if she failed to bend; She cried out. Yes, that was her sin. She cried. 
It would not be uncommon if I celebrated her departure, but of what good would that be? I still salute her courage. It is encouraging to know that in the end it took, not fire of cross examination to get the undiluted truth from her, but the helplessness very same children she professed an undying love for. 
Farewell Madam Thomas.
Anthony Ebuk

Nine best pupils cannot write their names – Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Education

"In a shocking revelation in Akwa Ibom state, the State Commissioner for Education, Mrs. Eunice Thomas, has said that nine pupils from the state public primary schools who had distinctions in First School Leaving Certificate examinations, were unable to write their names following a later test conducted on them."
I appreciate the sincerity and the sheer candidness of Commissioner Eunice Thomas in raising the alarm as quoted above and in the report below.
Better still I salute His Excellency for his direction that all heads of schools select their best pupil for the test. What has always been more important than any well thought out policy, has been the issue of feed back or review. What has happen today was long overdue in this sector.
Akwa Ibom state for the past six years has plunged itself into the worst degree of illusion. The government had prided itself in theeuphoria of free and compulsory education. The Governor dreams it, eats it, drinks it an talks it. In the end, we have mortgaged the future of Akwa Ibom state on very cheap popularity stunts. 
It is wrong for anybody to blame Eunice Thomas, she only just resumed in the Ministry of Education and whoever packaged the test idea for His Excellencies approval must be commended. I am sure Your Royal Highness did not see this coming, the report would have been stopped as usual.
Why would Akwa Ibom States educational system be better than this? We have shouted from the roof tops in this forum and elsewhere that the Governor is not sincere with the future of these children. So much has been left undone, any programme or idea that is not capable of loud  mouthed boast is not funded. Today we are graduating illiterates into Secondary Schools.
The report has it that these were the best students in all the schools in Akwa Ibom state. What then is the fate of the average students and theback-liners in class?
Some years back, a man sent all his children to the Presbyterian Primary School, Enwe street in Uyo. These children I attest went into the Secondary schools and beat the very best from the Christ the King, Hillsides, All Whether and the Auntie Margarete's Nursery Schools of this world. The got into the Universities and were best graduating students in their various departments, Engineering, Law, Geology etc. Some members of these forum know the very family I amreferring to, and seasoned professionals they are today.
believe if they pry further to ask, their Alma Mata did not evenproduce one of the nine that took the final test. What a sad can of worms to open, this late in a boastful administration.
Commissioner Eunice Thomas, Akwa Ibom State is grateful for your candidness, I am afraid it may cost you certain privileges from now henceforth, you may be a sure target for the Axe in any cabinetshakeup, but you have done your bid and posterity will vindicate you.
However Ma, we have not read about the measures you've put in place to begin to address the situation. I recall in no distant past, Akwa Ibom State was rated nation-wide as an Educationally Advantaged state it is only disheartening that today we have uncommonly been transformed into and Educationally Dysfunctional state.
I would suggest you recall some retired professional Educationist, maybe setup an advisory  committee that may be headed by one Mrs. Affiong Abasiattai and would comprise people like a Prof. Selina Ekpo etc. to do a thorough review our school's curriculum and mode of delivery. Ensure that such reviews and recommendations are implemented and I assure you our story will change and this six years of rot will be restored in another six.
Anthony Ebuk

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