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Sponsored Blackmailers Leave Okpolum Etteh Alone

Ikpoto Akwa Ibom 64B Oron Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State Re: False Media Reports Against Akpabio, Others Traced To Bishop Akpan, Opolupm Etteh “Sponsored Blackmailers Leave Okpolupm Etteh Alone”

Our attention has been drawn to yet another malicious and false story on an online news portal with the title, “False Media Reports Against Akpabio and Others Traced to Bishop Akpan, Opolupm Etteh.” In the so-called report, our mentor The Right Honourable Opolupm Etteh is volubly accused of sponsoring several negative reports against the State Governor, His Excellency Chief Godswill Akpabio, the Secretary to the State Government Mr. Umana Umana, and some other persons.

Ordinarily, we would have dismissed this as another in a series of baseless and uncouth media trash orchestrated by idle media hatchet men to disparage the person of Rt. Honourable Etteh and distract him from his normal legislative mandate as the Leader of the State House of Assembly.

This ignoble onslaught by a few so-called media ramblers has been on for a couple of months, and from our investigations, targets all perceived aspirants for the 2015 State hilltop mansion plum job. This particular allegation is the fourth in a series of media attacks on Hon. Etteh in one month alone, and we are aware that this dastardly assault is borne out of a desperate attempt by some faceless persons who are opposed to the existing zoning arrangement that tends to favour Eket Senatorial District in the 2015 Governorship Elections.

It is an open secret that these attacks are sponsored by a highly-placed government official as part of his well-known plan to destroy all anticipated opponents from Eket Senatorial District. It is worthy to note that five other perceived opponents have been subject of similar attacks sponsored by this aspirant from Uyo Senatorial District since December last year. We are aware that he is currently funding the publisher of Mr. Jackson Ude in the same manner he is funding some local newspapers to spite His Excellency the Governor.

With a clear hindsight that falsehood peddled repeatedly can be viewed as truth if not debunked, we are compelled to reason as follow:

1. That Rt. Hon. Etteh is a loyal member of the PDP whose antecedence as a faithful, trustworthy and hardworking party man has endeared him to the leadership of the party in the state, thereby leading to his emergence as Chief Whip in the last House of Assembly and subsequent enthronement as the Leader of the current House of Assembly.
2. We know that as a peaceful and committed patriot our mentor will not intend to join issues with characters who are desperate to draw him into their murky fight especially when the race for 2015 has not yet commence and will rather bother himself with the smooth discharge of his assignments primarily as the member representing Esit Eket / Ibeno State Constituency.
3. That it is highly spurious for anyone to assume that The Rt. Hon. Etteh has commenced an alliance with Bishop Samuel Akpan for the purpose of winning the ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party, when in actual fact, his alliance when he finally decides to throw his hat into the ring, is to the people of the state.
4. Rt Hon. Etteh has never had any meeting with Bishop Samuel Akpan, Mr Inemesit Ina (press secretary to the former deputy governor) or the publisher of any newspaper(let alone The Guide), for the purpose of publicity of any of his achievements as a lawmaker, and has never contemplated meeting any of them to engage in mudslinging against His Excellency the Governor, the Secretary to the State Government, or any other citizen of the state.
5. Perhaps the peddlers of this story are so myopic that they forget that Rt. Hon Okpolupm Etteh has equally been a victim of series of sponsored false media attacks by a certain Michael Ekpo, as well as some local media practitioners, and that linking him to Michael Ekpo is akin to shooting oneself in the leg, before attempting to run.
6. How can Hon Etteh sponsor the publication of an allegation that accuses him and other members of the House of Assembly of taking bribes and of being administered with juju oaths, as alleged by the media contractors?
7. Was The Honourable Etteh also responsible for Michael Ekpo’s publication of the false claim that the House of Assembly in which he is a member, “was a mere rubber stamp of the executive that lacked character?”
8. Did he authorize the Michael Ekpo’s publications of “ AKWA IBOM people regret House of Assembly representatives”, “ Funny Legislators, A ‘Ibom has no House of Assembly”?(
9. What does Hon Etteh, the leader of the State House of Assembly stand to gain from sponsoring Michael Ekpo to publish “AKHA N125b Supplementary Budget of Fraud” (

We are not surprised that Jackson Ude, the publisher of, could rush to publish such a fabricated allegation without hearing from the parties concerned. It impugns on the credibility of his forum.
Perhaps he should first refer to “Unmasking The “Kingpin Of Blackmailer” at, as published in a popular online news bulletin: (See In the report, Jackson Ude was uncovered as a blackmailer who swindled Mrs Oyindamola Amuka, wife of the Publisher of Vanguard Newspaper of £20,000.00, and how he specializes in targeting politicians with a view to extorting money from them.
For someone who is accused of having no visible means of income but lives large on blackmail money, it is pertinent for us to advise him to take his business elsewhere and leave our brother alone.
During one of his numerous visits to Nigeria some months ago, this same Jackson Ude was arrested and quizzed by the men of the State Security Service at their Headquarters in Abuja in possession of 3.5 million dollars for failing to disclose the source of the money. (see
This same Ude could not clear himself when accused of publishing mendacity against the Governor of Abia State Chief T. A. Orji when the governor failed to accede to his threats of blackmail.

We strongly wish to advocate that the national assembly should formulate laws against cyber crimes with strong penalties to punish offenders just as there is in the print and electronic media. If there was, by now, most of these internet warriors like Jackson Ude and his cohorts in Uyo would have been out of business as they would be struggling in court against criminal libel.

Finally, these jobbers should realize that it is in their own interest not to distract Governor Godswill Akpabio from the lofty goal of industrializing the state. If they stop heating up the polity and allow the Governor to deliver on this, they will certainly find themselves gainfully employed instead of their present shameful vocation of blackmail.


Nsima Uwak Barr.Kingsley Mfon
National Coordinator Secretary General

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