Friday, 8 February 2013

Reveal: T.I. And Tiny Have A Sex Tape So Nasty, They Can’t Even Watch It

Tiny wants you to know something.

T.I. And Tiny Have A Sex Tape So Nasty, They Can't Even Watch It (Video)

Reports Rundown:

Tiny didn’t hold back any details while opening up about her bedroom tape with husband T.I. on her new talk show “Tiny Tonight.” Not only did she mention that the couple could receive up to 10 million dollars for the tape, but she had to let it be known that the sex tape was so nasty, she couldn’t even watch it again herself!

[It was] real nasty. [Claudia: On a scale of one to ten?] Fifteen. They were nasty. They were outside and everything. It was ridiculous. I had fun and the police got it [when they raided our house] and they probably had fun with it too.[...]I just wanted to see if it looks as good as it really is. Our sex tape was like…we could probably get ten million.

It’s great that the couple still enjoy working their bed springs during nasty hours but we’re not sure if we’re fans of visually seeing this happen.

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